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HOME Staging

The design-savvy team at SAGE provides a unique and distinctive service for the client desiring to sell their home, or clients who wish to spruce up their existing interiors.


The Sage Interior Design team will assist you in setting the “stage” for your potential buyer. Well-staged homes sell 78% faster as per findings by NAR and RESA in a survey and at a higher price than the un-staged home. The production begins before the first swarm of realtors viewing the home for the first time as a well-staged home becomes one that realtors find a pleasure to show and will show more often.


Buyers spend approximately 3 times more “time” in a staged home. They feel comfortable and wish to explore and visualize the home with them in residence. 


The Sage Interior Design team will help you create the look of your home enhancing the homes best features appealing to a broader pool of potential buyers.


Setting the Stage


  • For the occupied home we can stage your home using your own furniture and accessories.  We begin with a walkthrough of the home with recommendations of key staging tasks for each of the rooms creating the “wow” factor – there is only one time to make a great first impression.


  • Sage Interior Design works with the homeowner to enhance the home with additional accessories, lamps, plants rugs, candles etc.


  • Hassle free Staging and De-Staging if using SAGE accessories or furniture.


  • SAGE organizes the de-cluttering of a home, layout planning, furniture movement, and make recommendations of what to remove/store during the selling process.


  • Open Houses – SAGE will ensure that the client’s home is ready for all open houses.


Visit our gallery of staged homes, and for more detailed information regarding SAGE Home Staging services, please contact us.